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The Grocers Family Fun Run 5K


Missed the The Grocers Fun Run this year? Don’t get the hump, you can still earn this fun medal by running the 5K your way!

Don’t miss out on these cool medals just because you couldn’t make the day of the actual event, these are a great medal for the whole family to earn together.

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Grocers Fun Run 5K Virtual Run

Event Distance : 5KM (multiple run records are accepted)
Event Timeline : From 1st June 2018 ~ 30th SEP 2018
Event Venue: Anywhere you feel like it! That’s the beauty of a Virtual run

Once you have completed your distance, please log in to our site to upload your evidence to get your hands on this awesome medal.

Medals will be sent out from mid to late June, and every 2 weeks thereafter

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