Gizmo 10K Virtual Run


These virtual gizmo medals would certainly make a fun addition to anyones medal collection, but remember no feeding after midnight!

Split this challenge up over a week, a month or more to earn yourself this fuzzy little fella.

Once you have completed your distance, please log in to our site to upload your evidence to get your hands on this awesome medal and a percentage of all entries will go to a local Irish charity.

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Gizmo 10K Virtual Run

Event Distance : 10KM (multiple run records are accepted)

Event Venue: Anywhere you feel like it! That’s the beauty of a Virtual run

Medals will be sent out from mid to late July, and every 2 weeks thereafter.

Our charity partner for this challenge is Suicide or Survive who are working to build a society where people embrace their mental health wellness and those with difficulties are treated with dignity and respect, and experience a service that offers them hope, a safe place and a positive future.


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