Do an Irish Virtual Run with us. Run at your own pace in your own time but we thought these top 10 reasons really helped put it into persceptive 😉

  1. With a Virtual Run you always be in 1st place
  2. No queuing at port a loos
  3. How else can you earn a medal running 6 miles on a treadmill?
  4. Setting up an actual finish line at your front gate so you can break the ribbon like Sonia O’Sullivan or Ray Flynn
  5. Map out a race root with absolutely NO HILLS!!!
  6. No one will make fun of you for wearing the race shirt of the race
  7. No sweep van
  8. Never miss a race because you’ve overslept or your toddler has hidden your shoes
  9. If your Garmin dies halfway through, you can go home, charge it and start again
  10. Get some amazing Bling and donate to a worthy charity – all without having to get up at the dawn to get to the race site!

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